Warranty Management


Warranties are a major source of service revenue for manufacturing companies and their resellers. They are only valuable though if all of the components to the warranty that gather during the lifecycle of a warranty are tracked and maintained. On top of that you need to be aware of expiration dates so that you can manage your warranty documents and dispose of them properly in a timely and compliant manner.


You need the ability to quickly find all the documents related to a warranty, from one secure, intuitively structured, central solution.  When your organization works from a central source, it gives you the ability to speed up various business processes, add warranties as needed, and be notified if any warranties are going to expire. Take a pragmatic approach to developing a retention schedule that suits your company’s needs. One that is easy to use and maintain, and allows you to stop holding on to information that should be disposed of, which ultimately means reducing storage costs.

Products to Help You

FileBRIDGE - A secure, scalable solution for warranty management.

Key Features & Benefits of FileBRIDGE:

  • Builds a bridge from paper-based to digital document management
  • Quickly and easily allows access your warranties
  • Ensures you have the documents you need and notifies you of any gaps
  • Creates a secure and auditable collaborative document workflow
  • Enforces compliance with corporate governance and retention policies
  • Eliminates investments in IT infrastructure and delivers a scalable solution

How to Get Started

Archive Systems delivers unified document management solutions that provide a bridge between paper and digital records storage and control. Unified Document Management is an end-to-end approach to manage both paper and digital documents and covers the complete document lifecycle. This comprehensive solution saves time and money, and enables your company to efficiently manage the move to less paper. Unified Document Management is a framework that can be implemented incrementally, beginning in an easy-to-manage area where improvements will deliver quick payback. From there, you can expand Unified Document Management to maximize business productivity and minimize cost and risk.

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