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Paper is still a big part of almost every business. Even as we move toward a more paperless future, most companies continue to produce paper documents that need to be stored securely. Storing those documents can be costly – whether they are taking up valuable office space or if they are with an off-site storage provider that locks you in with prohibitive fees – but what can you do?


Adopt a Unified Document Management solution that aligns with your needs as you evolve from dependence on paper to digital documents. The first step is to eliminate the overflowing filing cabinets and consolidate your off-site records storage with a partner that aligns with your corporate strategy. Archive Systems will reduce your storage costs by utilizing our unique tiered storage model with warm and cold storage options for documents based upon the document lifecycle and your governance requirements for retention. We will empower you to embrace the move to digital at your own pace, with a document management solution that will keep you in control of your documents at all times.

Products to Help You

Archive Systems provides Unified Document Management to meet your current storage needs and deliver a bridge to a less-paper environment for the future. Our tiered storage option offers the ability to pay less to store documents that are rarely accessed. With our Virtual Van, scan-on-demand, you save time and money by eliminating the cost and headache of retrieving paper documents, and relying upon digital delivery, you will build your digital document library but you will only be scanning the documents you need. Combined with lower cost cold storage, Virtual Van digital delivery is a fast, cost effective path to access your documents and start your journey to less paper.

Business Records Storage - Archive Systems provides nationwide, full-service, off-site, business records storage solution that empowers you to manage the document lifecycle from source-to-shred.

Secure Document Shredding - Archive Systems offers cost-effective solutions for shredding sensitive documents, including carton and file shredding, and bin rotation programs.

Off-site Data Protection - Minimize the risks associated with media storage by vaulting your data in Archive Systems' state-of-the-art facilities.

Conversion Services / Document Scanning - Our Conversion Services team delivers full-service imaging and digitization to handle your transition to digital documents. All of our records centers provide digital services, and Archive Systems is equipped to accommodate a broad range of large and small scale projects.

Virtual Van - Archive Systems' Virtual Van service delivers your requested documentation in whatever form you require—when you need it, where you need it—regardless of your geographic location

How to Get Started

Archive Systems is a nation-wide full-service business records storage provider. We deliver an intelligent, unique alternative in a market crowded with commodity-like traditional providers. We want you to know what documents you have and why you are keeping them. We will help you get rid of whatever you can so you save money, and we will help you reduce your dependence on paper so that you can improve your overall records program efficiency. Has your current vendor ever said any of these words to you? Stop being a hostage of your current vendor and see what a true partner can do for you.


Webinar – Removing the Fear of Transferring your Documents to a New Vendor

Special Report - The 4 Steps to Going Paperless

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