Human Resources


For Human Resource professionals, managing large volumes of paper files is a daily reality. Some of your files may have been created digitally or have been scanned and there is now an additional digital copy of the same file. You probably also have several systems that hold different pieces of information, making it difficult to get a complete picture of an employee file. What if there is a major business disruption – like an office move, a merger or an audit – would you know what to do with all that paper and how could you be sure that you aren’t missing any vital documents? 


Reduce the amount of paper you rely on by deploying a purpose-built HR document management application to digitize existing documents, automate HR document workflows, ensure compliance and provide secure access  anywhere, anytime from any device.  A unifying HR document management application will provide a bridge between your disparate HR systems, and allow you to have a comprehensive view of what you have, and just as importantly, what you are missing. 

Products to Help You 

FileBRIDGE for HR by Archive Systems is the easy-to-implement, simple-to-use solution that manages all of your HR documents in a secure, cloud-based system that bridges between your paper and digital business processes. Save time and money by automating and simplifying common HR tasks with FileBRIDGE for HR
Key Features and Benefits of FileBRIDGE:
  • Automates and simplifies paper processes to improve business efficiency
  • Ensures completeness of document collections and notifies you if any necessary documents are missing
  • Integrates with existing HR systems to create a comprehensive view of all employee data
  • Creates a secure and auditable collaborative document workflow
  • Enforces compliance with corporate governance and retention policies
  • Delivers a secure cloud-based solution that eliminates investment in IT infrastructure while providing a scalable solution

How to Get Started

Talk to us. Archive Systems delivers Unified Document Management for our clients.  We meet you wherever you are on your journey to reducing paper and embracing digital document management. From digitization to destruction, we help you manage your files and put you in control. As a full-service provider, Archive System will do all the heavy lifting for you, and turn your paper into valuable digital files. If you need to keep some paper files, we will securely store them for you in our state-of-the-art record centers so that they no longer take up valuable office space. Clients who rely upon FileBRIDGE for HR include major retail companies, banks, large hotel chains and national grocery stores. It is easy to get started; let Archive Systems put you on the road to paperless, efficient and productive HR document management. 


With the many hats HR Professionals have to wear, Records Manager needs to be added to the list. From applications, resumes, disciplinary documentation, and medical files, the records HR are responsible for are extremely sensitive and subject to audit and litigation. This makes it crucial that HR is following the proper requirements when it comes to policy and compliance. As your employees come and go, the stream of paper and electronic information they generate can turn even the most organized office into a disorganized nightmare. 
HR departments constantly face pressure to do more with less. At the same time, HR is facing many complex challenges: compliance, information overload, complex systems, inefficient use of paper, and of course, the increasing demands from all the other parts of the business. Human Resources is no longer the ‘Hire and Fire’ department.  It has become the backbone of the organization. So why is HR one of the lowest on the totem pole to benefit from advancements in technology? 
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