Contract Management


You have years’ worth of contracts stored in file cabinets and boxes and finding information about individual contracts can take hours, if not days, of searching to find the documents you need. With no way to efficiently track contracts, ensure complete documentation and easily access complete files online, you are opening the door to risk – the risk of missing renewal or renegotiation opportunities, and the risk of failing to comply with your own contracting and governance policies.  Without an effective retention program, you end up storing old documents longer than you need to or should, and paper-based contract management is simply inefficient and costly to your organization.


Quickly and easily manage your contracts with one secure, intuitively structured, cloud-based system. With an active compliance monitor continually scanning all of your files, you are assured of knowing what you have and knowing when to act.  When your organization works from a central source, time spent on daily business processes is reduced which saves you money.  Streamlining the contract process with intuitive workflows and notifications of documents that are missing or expiring reduces administrative overhead and ensures compliance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to efficiently gain control of the process, reduce costs and effectively manage agreements.

Products to Help You 

FileBRIDGE - A secure, scalable solution for contract management. 
Key Features & Benefits of FileBRIDGE:
  • Builds a bridge from paper-based to digital contract management
  • Automates cumbersome paper processes to improve business efficiency
  • Ensures you have the documents you need and notifies you of any gaps
  • Creates a secure and auditable collaborative document workflow
  • Enforces compliance with corporate governance and retention policies
  • Eliminates investments in IT infrastructure and delivers a scalable solution

How to Get Started

Archive Systems delivers unified document management solutions that provide a bridge between paper and digital records storage and control. Unified Document Management is an end-to-end approach to manage both paper and digital documents and covers the complete document lifecycle. This comprehensive solution saves time and money, and enables your company to efficiently manage the move to less paper. Unified Document Management is a framework that can be implemented incrementally, beginning in an easy-to-manage area where improvements will deliver quick payback. From there, you can expand Unified Document Management to maximize business productivity and minimize cost and risk.


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