Changing the Way the World Manages Documents

Every company struggles to manage business processes that are evolving from paper to digital documents. Unified Document Management leverages technology-enabled services to bridge the gaps and smooth the transition.
Unified Document Management is an end-to-end approach to manage both paper and digital documents and covers the complete document lifecycle. This comprehensive solution saves time and money, and enables your company to efficiently manage the move to less paper.
Unified Document Management is a framework that can be implemented incrementally, beginning in an easy-to-manage area where improvements will deliver quick payback. From there, you can expand Unified Document Management to maximize business productivity and minimize cost and risk.
The three core components at the foundation of Unified Document Management are:
Digital Connection: Software that directly links all paper and digital documents. The connection eliminates the Digital Divide between paper document processes and new digital document processes, and becomes a gateway through which accurate metrics about document status, access patterns, and storage costs become meaningful.
Visibility: Companies need to know what they have, why they are keeping it, the current state of all of their records, and when they can get rid of documents. But they need more than just long lists of documents – they need visibility based on proven document management metrics.
Information Governance: Information governance is critical to ensure that business processes are under control and complying with policies. Documents need classification and consistent access, retention and disposition policies regardless if they are in paper or digital form. A record is a record, and an Unified solution bridges policies across all forms. Governance solutions fail when they require too much human intervention. When governance built into the business process, it “just happens” as a part of the business process. An effective Unified Document Management solution ensures that once you put the house in order, it stays that way.
Archive Systems’ FileBRIDGE is the first comprehensive Unified Document Management solution. FileBRIDGE delivers an end-to-end platform. It increases productivity because document management happens as a byproduct of simply doing business. It enables companies to focus on their core business while providing an easy-to-use yet robust document management platform.
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