Off-site Records Storage & Services


Archive Systems is a nation-wide full-service business records storage provider. We deliver an intelligent, unique alternative in a market crowded with commodity-like traditional providers. We want you to know what documents you have and why you are keeping them.  We will help you get rid of whatever you can so you save money, and we will help you reduce your dependence on paper so that you can improve your overall records program efficiency.  Has your current vendor ever said any of these words to you?  Stop being a hostage of your current vendor and see what a true partner can do for you.

Business Records Storage- Archive Systems provides a full service, offsite, business records storage solution, which empowers you to manage the document lifecycle from Source-to-Shred.

Secure Document Shredding - Archive Systems offers cost-effective solutions for the shredding of sensitive documents, including carton and file shredding, and bin rotation programs.

Offsite Data Protection - Minimize the risks associated with media storage by vaulting your data in Archive Systems' state-of-the-art facilities.

Conversion Services / Document Scanning - With Conversion Services Bureau locations that house a wide range of high speed scanners, and a capacity to handle millions of pages each month, Archive Systems can accommodate even the largest of projects.

Virtual Van - Archive Systems' Virtual Van service delivers your requested documentation in whatever form you require—when you need it, where you need it—regardless of your geographic location

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