Off-Site Record Storage & Services

The future is increasingly paperless, but paper continues to play a major role for every organization. Archive Systems delivers a bridge to the future by integrating digital technologies with state-of-the-art paper records management services. From storage and document handling to on-demand virtual file delivery with our FileBRIDGE™ platform, we offer the services and solutions that enable you to cross the bridge to less paper.

The transition begins by consolidating your offsite records, removing the file cabinets and emptying the storage rooms that take up valuable office space. Archive Systems delivers a unique Adaptive Document Management solution that aligns with your needs as you evolve from dependence on paper to digital documents. Companies move to digital documents because paper creates friction and slows business processes down. While you may need to store paper documents with ink signatures, or those subject to regulatory requirements, you rarely need to actually touch them. Digital documents are simply better.

Traditional offsite records storage assumes that you require the same service level for all documents, and you pay a ‘Proximity Premium’ to keep them all close by just in case you need them in a hurry. Archive Systems’ adaptive approach gives you choices and control. Our ‘Warm Storage’ for active documents provides all the standard services at competitive prices. Our unique ‘Cold Storage’ for less active documents provides immediate digital access, but less immediate physical services at greatly reduced costs. This tiered model is powered by a comprehensive suite of FileBRIDGE™ analytic tools to help you decide on the appropriate service level mix to save you money and improve efficiency.


Paper Records Storage & Services: Data Sheet


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