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In Cloud We Trust - Co-Presented with ARMA NNJ

It’s no secret – employing cloud computing solutions can allow organizations to dramatically reduce costs and achieve greater efficiencies. However, stories of high-profile data loss incidents and corporations struggling with rapidly changing information privacy laws, are still prevalent and may cause some trepidation about the decision to move to the cloud.

The truth is, the cloud is more secure and much safer than the traditional business practices if you select secure, trustworthy vendors with the right capabilities. Knowing what to look for when conducting due diligence and selecting a cloud services provider can make the difference between success and disaster. Join Dennis Garcia, Esq., a leading expert in the cloud services field who will provide us with significant strategies to employ when identifying and contracting with a cloud services provider:

  • Understand why cloud solutions are dominating the technology market.
  • Learn how you can minimize your organization’s risk for data loss incidents.
  • Identify key criteria to consider when selecting a cloud services provider.


Deconstructing HR with Steve Browne

Speaker: Steve Browne

HR is the heartbeat of any organization. Managing people is the most important role for companies big and small, and has the potential to positively impact the organization’s success. Whether your area of specialty is payroll, recruitment, benefits, employee retention, HRIS management, team member relations or any other job function, the bottom line is that HR is about people. However, sometimes being immersed in the daily grind, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and, you can lose sight of the big picture.

HR doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) complicated. It’s time to take a deep breath, get back to basics and remember what HR is really about. Join us as we walk through the key components that can help you focus on what is actually important, and how to be able to make more comprehensive business decisions in HR.

What you will take away:

  •  Identifying unnecessary chaos that may be cluttering your clarity and vision.
  •  What is getting in the way of being more productive and what to do about it.
  •  Simple changes you can make that can have major results.
  •  HR’s role as a leader in the organization and how to drive impactful outcomes.
  •  The Positivity Factor – how to make lemonade out of lemons no matter what!

5 Steps to Achieve AP Automation

Speaker: Jonathan Epp

Manually processing supplier invoices takes too much of your valuable time – but it doesn’t have to. You probably already know the reasons why you should be automating your accounts payable processes – reduce time, costs and potential human error. Heck, you have probably been preaching the gospel about this to your boss. So what happens when you get buy-in to move to Accounts Payable automation? How do you put your plan into action?

Join us for this webinar where we will discuss the ways you can start automating your AP processes and the steps of progression through AP automation levels.

Fall Clean Up - Get Rid of the Paper!

Speaker: Randy Sanders
Paperwork is an inescapable part of any business, especially for HR. With all of the highly sensitive personnel files, Human Resources is responsible for, that paper often ends up cluttering up an office because it is unclear what needs to be kept and for how long. 

Watch this webinar to learn the importance of developing a retention policy that will help you know what files you need to keep and what you can get rid of. Then, we will walk you through the steps that are vital to staying in compliance after you have gotten rid of the paper.

Create a Winning Information Governance Strategy

Speaker: Keith Atteck

It is clear that Information Governance is essential for any organization; however, what that actually means and how to achieve compliance can sometimes be murky waters.

Join us for an informative webinar where you will learn the foundations of building a rock-solid Information Governance strategy. Discover the power of a strategic framework providing all of the tools necessary to support your initiative, project, and implementation effort.

What you’ll take away from this webinar:
✓ The foundations of an IG Strategy and how to apply them to your organization.

✓ How to convince senior management of the importance of your IG initiative or proposed RIM program.
✓ How to demonstrate your ideas in a clear, well-developed strategy. 
✓ How to maintain your program after it is implemented.


Employee Self-Service + Document Process Automation = A Win for Everyone

Speaker: BJ Johnson 

There is no longer a debate that every organization must develop a digital strategy to prosper and grow, and that paper-based processes will be a roadblock to success. New research indicates that employees are fed up with paperwork.  If paperwork is bad for business and employee morale, why are so many HR departments still swimming in paper?


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Your Digital Strategy Requires Information Governance

Speaker: John Montana

What's in your digital strategy? The key to any digital strategy needs to be Information Governance. Join us for 30 minutes while John Montana, one of the world's leading expert's on Information Governance, outlines the importance of IG in your framework for a less paper environment and steps to developing compliance.

The Shadow Conspiracy: Decentralized Employee Files

Speaker: Josh Billings

Are your employee documents stored in multiple locations? Do you find yourself caught in an endless cycle of paper and inefficiencies? Don't worry, you're not the only one with this problem. Join us to find out how you can reduce risk, lower cost and win the war against paper when managing employee personnel files in a geographically dispersed environment.


HR Documents Don't Matter...Until They Do!

Human Resources manages a great deal of important information associated with employees. The value of this information, however, comes to light at the wrong times: following a termination or even worse, some form of agency complaint or litigation. Further, ensuring all documents are completed timely and accurately can be a challenging task.  It gets even more difficult if your employees are dispersed geographically, or if your organization experiences a high level of turnover.


What if you could control those critical documents in one secure intuitively-structured, central repository? Join us for a webinar to learn about a practical approach to reducing and managing your paper files.


Security, Privacy and Governance in the Age of Innovation

Speaker: Galina Datskovsky

Technological innovation has changed the way we do business. New forms of cloud, mobile, and social technology provide new levels of efficiency, convenience and differentiation, but they have also created new security risks and worldwide privacy concerns.

Join this session as we discuss:

✓ How successful organizations are addressing privacy, security, and governance challenges in this age of innovation.

✓ How you can identify non-secure processes that can be easily addressed to improve privacy, security and governance. 

✓ How to make and enforce security policies to stay compliant with key governance principles in today’s mobile, technology driven society.

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