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Employee Self-Service + Document Process Automation = A Win for Everyone

Speaker: BJ Johnson 

There is no longer a debate that every organization must develop a digital strategy to prosper and grow, and that paper-based processes will be a roadblock to success. New research indicates that employees are fed up with paperwork.  If paperwork is bad for business and employee morale, why are so many HR departments still swimming in paper?


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Your Digital Strategy Requires Information Governance

Speaker: John Montana

What's in your digital strategy? The key to any digital strategy needs to be Information Governance. Join us for 30 minutes while John Montana, one of the world's leading expert's on Information Governance, outlines the importance of IG in your framework for a less paper environment and steps to developing compliance.

The Shadow Conspiracy: Decentralized Employee Files

Speaker: Josh Billings

Are your employee documents stored in multiple locations? Do you find yourself caught in an endless cycle of paper and inefficiencies? Don't worry, you're not the only one with this problem. Join us to find out how you can reduce risk, lower cost and win the war against paper when managing employee personnel files in a geographically dispersed environment.


HR Documents Don't Matter...Until They Do!

Human Resources manages a great deal of important information associated with employees. The value of this information, however, comes to light at the wrong times: following a termination or even worse, some form of agency complaint or litigation. Further, ensuring all documents are completed timely and accurately can be a challenging task.  It gets even more difficult if your employees are dispersed geographically, or if your organization experiences a high level of turnover.


What if you could control those critical documents in one secure intuitively-structured, central repository? Join us for a webinar to learn about a practical approach to reducing and managing your paper files.


Security, Privacy and Governance in the Age of Innovation

Speaker: Galina Datskovsky

Technological innovation has changed the way we do business. New forms of cloud, mobile, and social technology provide new levels of efficiency, convenience and differentiation, but they have also created new security risks and worldwide privacy concerns.

Join this session as we discuss:

✓ How successful organizations are addressing privacy, security, and governance challenges in this age of innovation.

✓ How you can identify non-secure processes that can be easily addressed to improve privacy, security and governance. 

✓ How to make and enforce security policies to stay compliant with key governance principles in today’s mobile, technology driven society.

No Document Strategy? Paper Cuts are the Least of your Worries

Speaker: BJ Johnson, Sr. Solutions Specialist, Access

A recent survey revealed that a whopping 78% of U.S. business professionals still rely on paper documents. We’ve been talking about the paperless office since the mid-70s, so why aren't we there yet? Technology continues to reduce the amount of paper flowing through most companies.  As every business begins to go through a digital transformation the negative impact paper has had on people and processes is becoming more apparent.

  • Why HR must lead the paperless charge in the new world of work.

  • The (not so obvious) ways paper-based processes are hurting SMBs.

  • Practical ways to improve the paper processes in your business

Moving Records into a Cloud-Based Environment

SPEAKER: John Montana, Principal at Montana & Associates
Learn how to keep control of the company’s most valuable assets: As records naturally migrate to a cloud-based environment it is important to be asking the right questions and looking for the right signals that tell you you’re on the right path.
This webinar will look at the compliance issues that arise when an organization moves its data repositories to a cloud-based environment. We’ll also look at the issues that are often overlooked, the questions you need to ask yourself, and the factors you need to take into consideration when you make the move. 

How your Paper Process is like a Dinosaur

SPEAKER: Randy Sanders, Senior Solutions Specialist at Archive Systems
From geographically dispersed employees to millennial expectations of accessibility on any device, technology has become an important aspect of our jobs and necessary for success. It helps us achieve results faster and enables us to work more efficiently.
All of this technology creates a fast-paced environment that should enable organizations to be nimble, proactive, and engaged with their employees. Unfortunately, there is still one thing that is preventing many companies from moving forward.
Join us for a webinar and be informed on:
  • The technology trend that will get you out of the stone age.
  • The benefits of this trend and how it will improve your performance through 2016.
  • Why this trend translates into saving time AND money.

Document Management 101: Finding the Right Solution

SPEAKER: Randy Sanders, Senior Solutions Specialist at Archive Systems
Join us as we break down the process to help you determine the right document management technology solution that fits YOUR specific needs; because achieving a meaningful business impact requires more than a simple paper to digital conversion. With a variety of solutions, it is hard to determine which one is the right one, as there are many variables to consider along the way.
  • What to consider in the beginning phase of your search
  • The pros and cons of the solutions available today
  • A better understanding of how technology can impact HR processes

How to Prepare for the ACA Changes of 2016

SPEAKER: Mike Fagan, Regional Sales Director at Archive Systems

A recent survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans indicates many organizations expect the greatest cost increase from Affordable Care Act implementation to occur in 2016, as new reporting, disclosure and notification requirements take effect. Failure to comply may result in even greater penalties. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Key information collection and reporting obligations you will have.
  • The primary challenges and concerns that will impact your business.
  • Where to turn for help about the ACA.
  • How to prepare for the 2016 changes and keep the house in order.
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