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This series of short video clips will give you a better idea of how FileBRIDGE by Access can help you and your organization, with our unified document management solutions. 

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Introduction to FileBRIDGE DIGITAL

Learn about what you can do with FileBRIDGE Digital.

As this video illustrates, FileBRIDGE for HR is your easy-to-implement, simple-to-use solution for managing HR documents.


As this video illustrates, FileBRIDGE for HR provides a paperless solution... but with a purpose.

As this video illustrates, FileBRIDGE for HR puts you back in control.

Instead of sending documents as attachments to e-mails, you can share documents by sending secure links to individual documents. Or you can share multiple documents. Either way, you decide when access expires.

As this video illustrates, compliance is conforming to internal policies and external laws governing your management of HR documents.

Being compliant helps you minimize risk and be prepared for any potential external audits.

As this video illustrates, we help you through the process of getting your HR documents into FileBRIDGE. Or we can do it all for you.

As this video illustrates, HR Document Management includes maintaining a central repository that's a connection between paper and digital documents and information.

As this video illustrates, searching for documents is simple. Just enter any information you have and you'll get meaningful results. Or you can launch a saved search and view the results.




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