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Failing an HR Audit: the Ripple Effect

It’s a daunting task to comply with the numerous state and federal employment laws, and the regulations continue to expand. To justify their agency budgets, the regulators who enforce those laws are becoming more aggressive as they seek to recover money from violators.

Failing an audit is painful. If you have manual processes, physical personnel files or multiple HR technologies that are not integrated, you may be more vulnerable to failing an audit than you realize.

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HR Document Management Critical Buying Considerations

Many organizations recognize the advantages of converting from old paper-based  human resource document processes to a more modern digital approach.  With increasing awareness of the security and governance risks posed by paper HR documents, companies are looking for ways to efficiently convert all of their existing paper files to digital documents, and start down a new path creating exclusively digital documents.

The question is, ‘what is the best approach?’ In order to decide, we have to be clear on the goals of the project and the anticipated benefits.  If the goal is simply to convert paper files to digital files, but not materially improve business processes, then there are several low-cost, simple paths to follow.  However, achieving a more meaningful business impact requires more than a simple conversion.

This Special Report will review and contrast the three broad approaches to digital HR Document Management:

  • Search and Retrieve file conversion
  • HRIS document attachment
  • Business Process Document Management
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Human Resource Document Management During M&A

In a merger and acquisition environment, there are many moving parts that all have to fit together.  Due diligence is great, but the rubber really hits the road when the two companies come together and have to start operating as one. Systems need to mesh, processes and procedures need to be aligned, and the acquiring company needs to truly figure out where the risks and liabilities reside.

This Special Report addresses a practical approach to solve this challenge with HR document management automation.  The key is to align the acquired company’s standard HR documents with the acquiring company’s equivalent documents, and let the automation figure out what is present and what is missing.  

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Transitioning to a New Records Management Vendor

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