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Human Resource Document Management Technology: Finding the Right Solution

We're breaking down the process to help you determine the right document management technology solution that fits YOUR specific needs; because achieving a meaningful business impact requires more than a simple paper to digital conversion.

With a variety of solutions, it is hard to determine which one is the right one, as there are many variables to consider along the way. Read this special report and get started on the right path to Finding the Right Solution. 

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The Shadow File Conspiracy - Dealing with Decentralized Employee Files
Are your employee documents stored in multiple locations? Do you find yourself caught in an endless cycle of paper and inefficiencies? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one with this problem.
This Special Report will address how you can reduce risk, lower cost and win the war against paper when managing employee personnel files in a geographically dispersed environment.
The report covers the following key elements:
  • What a shadow file is, how it is created, and what are the negative implications for an organization that has shadow files.
  • How to stop wasting resources to achieve compliance.
  • How to cut costs by putting an end to the dreaded paper cycle from paper-based hiring practices, to paper-based active employee management, and ultimately to paper-based separation processes.
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Self-Service Human Resources Document Management - Power to the People!

Human Resource departments spend nearly two-thirds of their time on administrative tasks and paperwork. They are responsible for creating and managing more documents than any other department in the company. Yet, most HR departments are barely able to keep up with the proper document management and information governance. Many departments acknowledge that they are not confident that they can produce all required documents during an audit, and most records managers report that HR files are among the worst offenders of corporate information governance and retention policy.

This Special Report addresses the pain points that many organizations feel today when it comes to engaging with its employees from an HR perspective. Learn how you can implement an effective employee self-service (ESS) platform and realize the added value that will be experienced by the organization as a whole.

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Human Resource Document Management During M&A

In a merger and acquisition environment, there are many moving parts that all have to fit together.  Due diligence is great, but the rubber really hits the road when the two companies come together and have to start operating as one. Systems need to mesh, processes and procedures need to be aligned, and the acquiring company needs to truly figure out where the risks and liabilities reside.

This Special Report addresses a practical approach to solve this challenge with HR document management automation.  The key is to align the acquired company’s standard HR documents with the acquiring company’s equivalent documents, and let the automation figure out what is present and what is missing.  

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Reacting to Audits vs. Proactive Compliance

Compliance for many departments is already challenging, but today’s workforce is constantly being retrained and retooled to drive employee engagement and innovation. The result is a deluge of new documents and forms that HR has to manage. Internal and external audits become more frequent and more complex as a result of the new documentation requirements.

Keeping track of all of the licenses, certifications, training documents and job requirements is a growing paperwork challenge for already busy HR departments.

Download this Special Report to find out how FileBRIDGE® for HR automates compliance monitoring allowing HR departments to reduce risk and save time and money. Put your audits on auto-pilot, FileBRIDGE takes care of the busy work, giving you back over 30% of your time!

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HR Document Management Critical Buying Considerations

Many organizations recognize the advantages of converting from old paper-based  human resource document processes to a more modern digital approach.  With increasing awareness of the security and governance risks posed by paper HR documents, companies are looking for ways to efficiently convert all of their existing paper files to digital documents, and start down a new path creating exclusively digital documents.

The question is, ‘what is the best approach?’ In order to decide, we have to be clear on the goals of the project and the anticipated benefits.  If the goal is simply to convert paper files to digital files, but not materially improve business processes, then there are several low-cost, simple paths to follow.  However, achieving a more meaningful business impact requires more than a simple conversion.

This Special Report will review and contrast the three broad approaches to digital HR Document Management:

  • Search and Retrieve file conversion
  • HRIS document attachment
  • Business Process Document Management
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Failing an HR Audit: the Ripple Effect

It’s a daunting task to comply with the numerous state and federal employment laws, and the regulations continue to expand. To justify their agency budgets, the regulators who enforce those laws are becoming more aggressive as they seek to recover money from violators.

Failing an audit is painful. If you have manual processes, physical personnel files or multiple HR technologies that are not integrated, you may be more vulnerable to failing an audit than you realize.

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ROI for HR Document Management

Human Resources organizations are constantly challenged to do more with less.  Most HR teams operate with barely enough resources to stay on top of the day-to-day requirements, and do not have any extra bandwidth for anything out of the ordinary. 

In fact, most HR leaders find little time to raise their sights above the basics in order to contribute to the more strategic goals of the company, or address the growing need to invest in employee engagement.  Automating HR document management can help.

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Goldilocks Approach to Going Digital

We all dream about a paperless existence, but are stuck with mounds of paper.  We talk about the technology ‘system of record’, but let’s face it; the real system of record is the paper files. Learn a Goldilocks approach to selecting the right project to tackle – (not too big, not too small, just right)

This Special Report will cover:

  •     How to get started
  •     How to adapt current business processes
  •     How to change your business to a paperless culture
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Process Automation: Human Resource's Saving Grace

If you are like most HR Departments, the demands are high and resources are thin. As an HR Professional you wear many hats; Employee Relations, Benefits, Psychologist, Archivist, the list goes on. One of the most important hats is “Information Manager”. Managing employee information and staying compliant is challenging, even if you have information systems.  You still have to pull it all together to manage a complete picture of each employee, and that means you also have to include all documents in the filing cabinets.

Discover real life experiences and lessons learned about converting from paper to a digital repository and why document automation is your ticket to efficiency.

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Top HR Document Compliance Risks you should not be Taking

If you have employees, then you have to maintain personnel files. HR document compliance impacts almost every company. As soon as headcount reaches fifteen, federal guidelines start to dictate which documents you must retain and for how long.

This Special Report will cover:

  • Three areas that HR professionals can address to minimize risk and improve compliance when managing personnel documents.
  • The HR technology landscape and how it impacts compliance.
  • The challenges of proper HR recordkeeping and why it can be such a daunting task.
  • The risk associated with sharing personnel documents.
  • A review of how going paperless with the right technology can address HR document compliance risks.
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Records Management 101 for HR

With the many hats HR Professionals have to wear, Records Manager needs to be added to the list. From applications, resumes, disciplinary documentation, and medical files, the records HR are responsible for are extremely sensitive and subject to audit and litigation. This makes it crucial that HR is following the proper requirements when it comes to policy and compliance. As your employees come and go, the stream of paper and electronic information they generate can turn even the most organized office into a disorganized nightmare.

Don’t miss out on this important Special Report that will show you how you can finally deploy record keeping policies that will protect your company from risk, at the same time you make everyone in your company more efficient.

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Top 6 Reasons to Digitize Employee Files

51 minutes. That is the amount of time, on average that a typical employee spends every day looking for paper documents, files, and emails.  Over four hours a week, or over 10% of the typical workweek is lost looking for documents. Think of the more business-critical things you and your team could accomplish with that time! Not to mention that the likelihood of you being in compliance with ever changing state and federal regulations is not very high.

Getting that time back could be as easy as digitizing your employee files. Discover how to gain your precious time back with this exclusive Special Report, Top 6 reasons to digitize employee files.

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Shred Your Excuses for Not Going Paperless
The idea of a paperless office has been on most organizations minds for years. We’ve all thought about it, but we’ve all come up with the same excuses not to do it. “Not enough time”, “I can’t get budget approval”, “multiple locations make it challenging to be consistent”, “the filing cabinet in my office is more secure than a digital repository”, “I haven’t seen an application that will work for us”, and the classic “I hate change.” 
So is a paperless office really possible? Download our Special Report and find out how to overcome those excuses, and how to make a paperless office your reality.    
What you will learn:
  • The benefits of going paperless
  • How to overcome common obstacles
  • Why spend the time now, to save time later
  • How to make a paperless office your reality
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Drop those pounds in 2014 (pounds of paper that is!)
“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” – Barbara Hemphill
Wouldn’t it be nice to start of 2014 with less clutter and more organization? It can be overwhelming 
to start the task of de-cluttering, but the end result is worth the effort! 
In this Specical Report you'll learn:
  • A 4 step process that will help your company slim down, and set you up for future success in records management
  • The practical steps to de-cluttering your office
  • To identify what you need to keep and what can go
  • What to do with the paper you deem trash (shred vs. recycle)
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Get The Paper Out Of The HR World

HR departments constantly face pressure to do more with less. At the same time, HR is facing many complex challenges: compliance, information overload, complex systems, inefficient use of paper, and of course, the increasing demands from all the other parts of the business. Human Resources is no longer the ‘Hire and Fire’ department.  It has become the backbone of the organization. So why is HR one of the lowest on the totem pole to benefit from advancements in technology? 

In this Special Report you'll learn how to: 

  • Determine costs associated with managing HR records
  • Overcome common pain points related to managing HR records
  • Develop a case for advancements in technology in your HR Department
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Unifying Management of Physical and Electronic Records

Software from Archive Systems, the leading provider of software for physical records management, can be integrated with EMC Documentum Records Manager, the leader in enterprise records management, to create a unified platform for managing all records across the enterprise. That means a single set of retention policies, classification metadata, and disposition policies can be applied to both electronic and physical records, and a single query can find and retrieve both electronic and physical records. This white paper explains the features and benefits of such a unified approach to enterprise records management, and describes how the EMC Documentum/OmniRIM solution works.

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ARMA International HotTopic: Solving the SharePoint Puzzle

It’s no secret that organizations are deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 at a rapid rate. During the October 2009 sold-out SharePoint Conference, Microsoft announced that SharePoint Server is one of the fastest-growing products in Microsoft’s history, with more than $1.3 billion in revenue, representing more than a 20% growth over the past year. What may come as a surprise to some is that organizations are now using SharePoint extensively for records management. Find out how this is accomplished with this special report.

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Going Paperless Is Easy - Getting Started Is Hard

From reducing costs and streamlining processes to taking a more environmentally-friendly approach, there are numerous reasons why companies are striving to go paperless. While there may have been an initial goal in making the transition, those that have achieved at least some degree of success have found additional, unexpected benefits. For example, a company may have implemented a paperless initiative with the goal of reducing costs but found they also dramatically improved in the area of compliance. The most daunting challenge that an organization faces in the quest to create a paperless working environment is determining how to get started. This special report provides you with better insight into how to launch a paperless initiative and helps you anticipate and overcome some of the common hurdles standing in your way.

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7 Reasons to Realign Your HR Document Management Strategy

Most Human Resource (HR) departments have an abundance of software systems and processes to support the duties of employee recruitment, on-boarding, performance evaluation, recognition, training, employee development and other day-to-day activities. Your HR systems strategy is part of an overall HR strategy that needs to be reviewed on an annual basis. The two primary systems of a progressive HR department are HRIS and Document Management. In respect to the Document Management system used by the HR department, there are a multitude of new technologies and vendors that are worth evaluating, based on the needs and evolving priorities. This white paper aims to put these technologies in context of the common problems they intend to resolve.

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ROI of Records Management for Legal Discovery

For most companies that implement records management software systems for legal compliance and corporate records departments, the return on investment (ROI) is most often cost avoidance rather than a true financial return. The assurance of never failing a regulator’s audit, the ability to expeditiously locate and retrieve critical documents, or need to offer defensible protection in the face of litigation often motivate the adoption of records management systems and programs. This report will present financial ROI scenarios for companies that employ effective Records Management software to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the legal discovery process.

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7 Ways to Take Control of Your Records Management Program

Taking control of your records management program can be very challenging; you need to know what can be controlled and what is beyond control. This special report addresses many of the challenges records management professionals face when trying to implement a strong records management program. It includes tips, ideas and strategies that enable you to take control of your records management program and put you in a position to stay there.

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Share and Share alike? Not when it comes to Sharing Business Documents

In today’s fast paced business world, access to information in a quick and easy fashion is critical. More than ever, being able to share that information is important. You must have the ability to access and share your business information from anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Find out more about the importance of sharing your business critical documents in a secure environment in this Special Report, Share and Share alike? Not when it comes to Sharing Business Documents.

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HR Documents Don’t Matter…Until They Do

Sound Famliar?
"The auditor wants to confirm that we are in compliance with our largest client’s requirement to have background checks on all critical employees. “What? Mary never completed her background check! How could that happen?”

It is every company’s recurring nightmare. The policies are in place, and the processes appear to be working, but somehow there is always an exception. Somehow, when it matters most, the exception comes to light. It happens in every company, big and small. Mistakes happen, papers get lost or misfiled, but it only takes one occurrence for things to go bad very quickly.

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