Virtual File Delivery

There's no denying it – going green is a fact of life that is growing in momentum. Homeowners are changing to fluorescent light bulbs, consumers are purchasing hybrid vehicles powered by electricity, and businesses are focusing on more energy efficient strategies – all in an effort to be more eco-friendly. Often, these changes come with some level of sacrifice – the fluorescent bulbs don't shine as brightly as incandescent bulbs and the hybrid cars typically trade power for fuel efficiency. Occasionally, the opportunity arises where you can have the best of both worlds – eco-friendly and enhanced performance. One such solution is Archive Systems' Virtual File Delivery.

Imagine quicker access to information at reduced costs all while "saving the planet."

Sound too good to be true? Not so. Clients utilizing our Virtual Records Center (VRC) software program now have the opportunity to retrieve their paper-based file collection through an imaged repository that is instantly accessible to authorized users. The best part is the cost model. Rather than investing in expensive, large-scale backfile conversions in order to reap the rewards of traditional imaging solutions, VRC users benefit from matching expenditures with immediate value. They only request the files for Virtual File Delivery when they need the information.

How Virtual File Delivery Works

Here's how it works. Files stored with Archive Systems are tracked through our powerful records management database. Clients have direct access to this database through our custom developed web-interface – the Virtual Records Center. As needed, clients search the database and place orders for files to be retrieved from storage. Historically, this meant physical delivery via an Archive Systems' van or truck (think about all those carbon emissions!) to the client office for drop off. Today, clients can take advantage of Virtual File Delivery and have that same file imaged and available for viewing through the VRC. As an added bonus, the imaged file will reside in the VRC for viewing for the life of the file at no additional cost.

Talk about self service! Information is available at the speed of light, literally at your fingertips at all times. And the files can only be viewed by authorized users. Advanced security measures are put into place to ensure that the information is safe.

The VRC is the first and only on-demand records management solution that replaces vans and trucks with IP addresses and images. All this while reducing carbon emissions at the same time! What are you waiting for? Contact your Account Manager today and begin doing your part.

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