New Client Set Up and Support

As a growing organization Archive Systems is always looking for ways to improve our services and customer support.

Recently, we have created the role of Client Service Coordinators. The Client Service Coordinators have extensive records management backgrounds, averaging over five years of experience in the records management industry.

The Client Service Coordinators play an essential role for new clients as they make their transition to becoming new Archive Systems' customers. Whether relocating your collection from a previous vendor or starting new with the records management process, we will educate you as to our processes as well as provide you with industry best practices for managing your records.

Upon signing a contract with Archive Systems, our team of trained professionals will review important details with you such as: billing contact confirmation, address confirmation, and departmental set up (as applicable).

As part of the transition to becoming an Archive Systems' customer, you can expect the following:

  • A dedicated Coordinator assigned to your account for the duration of your account set up process.
  • The confirmation of all your account information, which include: delivery address(es), authorized requestors, departmental set up, retention codes, and indexing criteria.
  • We will provide you with all contact information along with a customer handbook for informational purposes.
  • We will provide training on our Virtual Record Center (VRC), including webinars for you and/or your staff.
  • If transferring inventory from another vendor, we will work with your vendor to manage the transition.
  • We will analyze and compare data from your old vendor in order discuss options to improve your record management process.
  • Review = exceptions of information received from your office or previous vendor and communicate them to you within 48 hours of the exception acknowledgement.
  • All your account information and procedures will be entered into our Customer Information Archives, which is an internal database that is available to authorized Archive Systems' employees in order to review procedural guidelines to properly support your account.

Client Service Coordinators are part of our Customer Support Team, which all clients can contact directly for any of their needs. Their roles reinforce Archive Systems' dedication to our clients and ensure that we continue to provide industry-leading support.

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