The Meaning of Green - Corporate-Style

Both individually and as good corporate citizens, we're all doing our best to "go green." Being green can be as simple as recycling your cans and bottles and replacing your old light bulbs with new compact fluorescent bulbs. But it also means partnering with businesses that are like-minded in their policies and practices related to the short- and long-term environmental impact. The 2008 results of Archive Systems' Go Green initiative alone resulted in saving 1,145 tons of fiber. The initiative continues and the results are even more significant in 2009.

Reduce. We are finalizing our steps towards the use of solar power in our Franklin, New Jersey facilities, anticipating implementation in at least one of the two records centers by December 2009. All of Archive Systems' records centers are equipped with motion sensor lighting. In order to control electricity usage, lights remain off until someone enters the aisles between the racking. Many of our internal procedures, such as the automatic conversion of all faxed communications and requests to digital format, have been put into place to improve efficiency as well as reduce the unnecessary use of paper and its associated byproducts. Clients who use the Virtual Records Center can take advantage of our Virtual File Delivery, expediting access to work-critical information while eliminating the need to use our transportation services, thus reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Regardless of whether your records are file-listed or not, the files you need access to can be loaded into our digital repository. Authorized users are able to view the image whenever the information is needed.

The most recent Archive Systems' product and service offerings have been developed with a focus on reducing our mutual carbon footprint. Our ASPEN 360 clients can attest to the dramatic decrease in paper produced and moved throughout their offices.

Reuse. All of our old pallets are sold to a company that repairs and redistributes them. Paper, to include your shredded documents, is sent to a hydro-pulping plant where it is prepped for reuse in new paper-based products. Among other products, our paper recycling, to include your securely shredded documents, is used to produce some of the paper towels commonly found in your local stores.

Recycle. Approximately 95% of the material used by Archive Systems is recycled. All cardboard is crushed and sent out to be recycled. Our (plastic) shrink wrap is petroleum-based and is also sent out for recycling.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) provides LEED (Leadership in Environmental & Energy Design) certification to businesses owning and/or operating green buildings. The LEED rating system provides a standard means of measuring operations, improvements and maintenance with the goal of maximizing operational efficiencies while minimizing environmental impacts. Applied to both existing buildings and new construction, it includes cleaning issues, recycling programs, external maintenance and systems upgrades. We are very proud that our newest records center in Portland, Oregon, is LEED gold-certified.

Any business that has moved in this direction, Archive Systems among them, can attest to the fact that going green means saving green. When you implement a policy of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, the return on investment to your business can be as significant as it is to our environment.

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