Employee Self-Service: A Strategic Approach

Self-service is no longer a luxury, but has expectantly become a part of our daily routines. We want the power and freedom to do things when we want and we expect self-service to be an effortless user experience. Read full article

6 Reasons to digitize employee files

Since compliance impacts organizations, we’ll explore the top 6 reasons you should digitize your employee files. Read full article

4 Steps to Going Paperless

This is a short list of the reasons companies continue to look at ways to reduce their dependence on paper. There is no debate that less paper is good for business, but how do we get there? I’ve got four suggestions that not only reduce paper, but are also sound business practices. Read full article

A Blockbuster Hack

By now, I’m sure most of you are quite familiar with Sony’s data breach, which has occupied headlines over the past couple of weeks. Read full article

Transitioning to a New Records Management Vendor

Archive Systems has coordinated and performed the transition of hundreds of thousands of boxes of records and continues to do so as a regular practice. Read full article

The Meaning of Green - Corporate-Style

Being green can be as simple as recycling, but it also means partnering with businesses that are like-minded in their policies and practices related to the short- and long-term environmental impact. Read full article

Take Control of Your Paper by Going Paperless

The key question that companies face today is: How do you manage all that paper in a way that doesn't slow down your business processes? Read full article

New Client Set Up and Support

Recently, we have created the role of Client Service Coordinators. They have extensive records management backgrounds, averaging over 5 years of experience. Read full article

Virtual File Delivery

Imagine quicker access to information at reduced costs all while "saving the planet." Read full article

The Importance of Maintaining a Solid Retention Policy

Generally, only about 5% of a business organization’s records actually need to be kept forever. Read full article

Why Clients Choose File-Level Indexing

One of the first and most important decisions to be made when sending your records offsite for storage is how to identify them. Read full article

What Your Records Management Account Manager Can Do for You

Managing your records is no easy task. It's your Account Manager's role to simplify it for you. Read full article

How Do You Use Technology to Enhance Records Management?

Technology is the foundation for process improvement and increased accuracy and efficiency in most organizations today Read full article

Do You Know Your Inventory?

Can you quickly determine what boxes belong to which department or division within your organization? Read full article

Why You Should Implement a Bin Rotation Program for Secure Document Destruction

Every organization should have a secure document destruction program in place. In fact, some rules and regulations require it. Read full article

The Facts on FACTA

Gone are the days in which companies could simply discard documentation in a wastebasket and have it thrown out with the rest of the trash. Read full article

Take the First Step in Achieving Compliance: Implementing a Records Management Program Is Critical

New regulations and challenges are making businesses reevaluate their records management programs. Read full article

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