FileBRIDGE Paper Provides

Feature Description

What's New window

When you log into FileBRIDGE-Paper, the What's New window displays the new FileBRIDGE-Paper features.

Educational Center

FileBRIDGE-Paper includes product information, instructional videos and guides, frequently asked questions and Support contact information.

Home page

FileBRIDGE-Paper contains a configurable dashboard that lets you quickly monitor documents and jump to your favorite pages in the application.


You can perform a quick keyword search for FileBRIDGE-Paper records and manage records in your inventory.

Cold Storage option

The Cold Storage inventory option lets you drive down your costs for records stored with Archive Systems.


FileBRIDGE-Paper simplifies scheduling pickups, requesting deliveries, and ordering supplies.

You can place orders to have paper documents scanned and delivered to you within File-BRIDGE-Paper.

Virtual Van notification links

You can send a link to a scanned image of a folder to someone else. The recipient does not need to log into FileBRIDGE-Paper or be a FileBRIDGE-Paper user to view the virtual file.

This feature is useful when requesting records on behalf of someone else.

Access to multiple companies within an organization

Instead of logging in and out of multiple instances of FileBRIDGE-Paper, you can log into FileBRIDGE-Paper once and then access the records of multiple companies within the organization.

This feature is useful when FileBRIDGE-Paper customers merge.


Your company's existing records retention schedule can also be incorporated into FileBRIDGE-Paper to support customer policies, best practices, and regulatory requirements.


ArchiveMetrics supports best practices for effective record management. The feature provides extensive analytical tools that let you monitor and proactively manage on-site and off-site record storage to maximize cost savings and efficiency.

At the heart of the metrics is the overall RIM score. This score is the summation of all the separate reports to arrive at an overall assessment of your records management activity.


FileBRIDGE-Paper lets you generate a wide range of reports that display vital information.



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