Know what you have.

Keep what you must.

Eliminate what you should.

FileBRIDGE Paper actively manages your paper documents as you bridge to digital.  It gives you power to control your paper inventory and understand how the various parts of your business create and rely upon paper records.  It is designed with the understanding that you are trying to reduce the amount of paper that you have, so it provides the tools and metrics needed to save you money.
To manage your offsite paper storage, you need to go beyond just placing orders online.  You need to have complete visibility into your inventory and be able to analyze and act on the information.With FileBRIDGE you understand where you stand with your paper records inventory at all times.  You see how much inventory is in storage and how often it is accessed.  You have a real-time view of what's available for destruction, and the ability to digitize any paper record into a secure platform.
With metrics you have the information you need to save money and ensure you are in compliance.  Metrics give you insight into which departments in your organization are adding to your inventory, and how cost-effective they are being when ordering.  It provides you the tools to determine the stage of life your paper documents are in and if you can take advantage of Archive Systems cold storage rates.
FileBRIDGE Paper Data Sheet

You save money.  You are compliant. You are in control.

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