Throw your Paper Process out the Door & free yourself from paper employee files!



FileBRIDGE for HR is the Digital HR Document Management Solution that Works!

Stop Searching & Start Finding! A single, secure, intuitive central repository, makes it easy to find documents in no more than three clicks. Know what you have, find what you need, and spend more of your valuable time outside of the file room. 

Collaborate with Confidence! In a share friendly environment, you can securely share documents with internal and external stakeholders, and all activities are fully auditable with secure data-rooms to support bulk information reviews and audits. 

Achieve Full Compliance! The FileBRIDGE for HR dashboard shows you which documents you have, and which documents you are missing. Built in monitors keep you compliant with simple e-forms that allow you to send and receive documents for quick authorization, so you stay up to date. 

Get Started! Archive Systems is a full-service partner and we will get you and your new process up and running smoothly. Our team of experts will convert your paper and digital files and integrate your existing HR systems – It’s that EASY



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