With FileBRIDGE Governance you reduce risk and gain piece of mind that you know what documents you have, why you are keeping them, and how to find them fast. 

FileBRIDGE Governance provides:

  • A simple interface for the people who create the documents to easily categorize them so the system can assign the right governance policy
  • Built-in workflows to preserve the chain of custody and keep your organization on top of policies and approvals
  • File plan management that provides a hierarchal view of your entire file plan
  • Robust Search for physical and electronic records.
  • Retention management and citations to ensure defensible destruction
  • Comprehensive legal holds for digital and paper records
  • Analytics and metrics to transform operational data into strategic, actionable information

Consistent policies reduce risks

Information silos spring up between departments and across offices.  FileBRIDGE Governance unifies electronic and physical records to provide a complete view with centralized control, while allowing easy access for authorized users. You can enforce consistent classification, retention and disposal policies to minimize the risk and cost of litigation and regulatory oversight.

Built-in intelligence increases user productivity

FileBRIDGE Governance understands your records.  Its intelligent workflow routes requests and combines or divides them into work orders to be sent to the appropriate vendors or file-rooms.  And, FileBRIDGE Governance supports electronic integration with third-party vendors and digital repositories.

Advanced File plan Management

FileBRIDGE Governance provides a hierarchal view of your entire file plan. You define your record series, apply citations and end-to-end policies, and define user access rights. You can even copy portions of one file plan and add them to another. Right from the file plan management interface, records managers can review records and efficiently search and view records that reside at each level of the file plan.

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