Reduce Risk & Consistently Enforce Corporate Policy with Strong Information Governance.

Information Governance is vital to any organization. FileBRIDGE Governance manages your overall compliance of paper and digital documents across your organization.  From one source you manage legal holds, apply consistent policy, and enforce retention and disposition policy.
You need to manage an increasing volume of paper documents across your organization, both on-site and with off-site storage vendors. FileBRIDGE Governance enables you to manage all these documents with one application. It is designed to handle the complexities of dealing with many sites, with many vendors. It understands the nature of paper documents, how they are stored, and their complete lifecycle.
Your organization is simultaneously creating a large volume of digital documents which become corporate records. In order to consistently apply policy, and quickly answer to audit or discovery needs, these documents need to be managed in the same application as the paper records.
With FileBRIDGE you save time and resources by utilizing one source for all your information governance needs.
FileBRIDGE Governance Data Sheet

You save time. You protect your business. You are in control.

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