FileBRIDGETM Digital automates document orientated business processes that result in corporate records.  The volume of data being created is increasing exponentially, and FileBRIDGE Digital is focused on managing business processes that result in the most important information – the documents that become corporate records.

FileBRIDGE Digital provides:

  • Business process automation
  • Personalized efficient dashboards and controls
  • Governance and retention policy compliance for digital documents
  • Secure, audited access to documents for employees and trusted third parties
  • Integration with key systems such as ERP, HRIS, CRM, and more

Document Management Services

Archive Systems delivers a complete document management solution including integrated, scanning and data capture services, along with paper document storage and management.

A Powerful and Flexible Platform

FileBRIDGE Digital delivers 24/7 online access to critical business information. All content is stored in secure redundant data centers with ensured business continuity and disaster recovery.

Key Facts

  • Designed for rapid search and retrieval of critical records
  • Removes the burden of hardware and system maintenance from IT departments with true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery
  • Image enables existing applications based on integrating with the FileBRIDGE Digital secure image repository
  • Allows access for third parties to view select documents in a secure, audited data room


  • Builds a bridge from a paper to a digital environment
  • Automates cumbersome paper processes to improve business efficiency
  • Ensures you have the documents you need and notifies you of any gaps
  • Creates a secure and auditable collaborative document workflow
  • Enforces compliance with corporate governance and retention policies
  • Eliminates investments in IT infrastructure and delivers a scalable solution
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