Increase the Productivity of your Paper Processes & Protect your Business

FileBRIDGE Digital automates document orientated business processes that result in corporate records.  In today’s technology environment, the volume of data being created is increasing exponentially, as has the number of solutions to manage them.  FileBRIDGE Digital is focused on handling the most important of this information – the documents that turn into corporate records.
When you are managing these important documents, it is important you know what you have and to find things quickly.  What's even more important is knowing what you don't have.  This is where you run into issues when dealing with auditors, internal issues or litigation.
With FileBRIDGE Digital, you are protected.  In addition to quickly and easily finding the documents you need and automating processes, it proactively tells you which critical documents are missing.   It has sophisticated governance built-in and provides compliance monitoring and metrics for you to reduce risk and save time and money.
FileBRIDGE Digital Data Sheet

You increase productivity.  You protect your business.  You are in control.

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