Take a Unified Approach to Managing your Documents

The FileBRIDGE platform improves access and reduces overall records management costs and liability exposure with fast, organized, and secure access to paper and digital documents. Its document process workflow automation speeds approvals and collaboration, and alerts you when key documents are missing or need attention. It delivers metrics and analytics to track and measure activities and policy compliance
FileBRIDGE is the complete solution to manage all of your documents – both paper and digital throughout their lifecycle. It delivers a complete document management and governance platform to transform your business processes. It provides the reporting and metrics to track and measure your progress, and it has governance embedded throughout so while you automate your processes, your business is protected.
FileBRIDGE is a Unified Document Management solution, which delivers the flexibility to address the full range of document management challenges that exist in your organization. FileBRIDGE is a complete integrated solution that is composed of three core components, each of which plays an important role in the lifecycle of documents. You have the flexibility to adopt any or all of the components to advance your document program.
At Archive Systems, we understand that security and availability are top priorities for you. We continually evolve our world-class Infrastructure, and dedicate significant time and resources to ensure that we deliver exceptional security and availability for your information. Read our Infrastructure Report on Security.
FileBRIDGE Paper actively manages your paper documents as you bridge to digital. It gives you the power to control your paper inventory and understand how the various parts of your business create and rely upon paper records. It is designed with the understanding that you are on a path to reduce the amount of paper you create and keep, so it provides the tools and metrics needed to manage the transition and save you money.
FileBRIDGE Digital automates document orientated business processes that result in corporate records. In addition to process automation and intuitive workflow, it has sophisticated governance built-in and provides compliance monitoring and metrics for you to mitigate risk and save time and money.
FileBRIDGE Governance is the policy engine to control your paper and digital documents. It is the technology to manage your overall compliance for paper and digital documents across your organization, managing legal holds, applying consistent policy, and enforcing retention and disposition policy.


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