Information Governance Strategic Consulting
Industry Experts will be there every step of the way providing advisory, assessment, and remediation then all the way through to final implementation. 
Archive Systems Strategic Consulting Services provide advisory, assessment, remediation and implementation services to help Records and Document Management professionals achieve Information Governance utilizing industry best practices. The strategic consultants help evaluate an organization's overall records management program and advise on where improvements can be made. The service continues all the way through to the solution and the final implementation.  
Dubbed AARP for Advisory, Assessment, Remediation and Production, this strategy leverages the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles as an objective tool to measure a client's baseline score and as a recurring measurement of compliance.  We leverage ARMA International's implementation of "The Principles" establishing ASI as the leader in Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® implementations capitalizing on our experience as co-developer of the original Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles and architect of the assessment strategy.
These offerings are based on a unique modular, ala carte approach as opposed to a bundled, high overhead, time and material cost structure offered by traditional professional services providers.
Advisory: High level strategic assessment of an organization's information governance and recordkeeping functions.
Assessment: Detailed assessment of an organization beginning with a facilitated Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® assessment to establish a baseline then deep diving into a detailed documented analysis of people, process, and technology.
Remediation: Project based solutions are offered as a modular selection. Resources include a team of subject matter experts (SMEs), plus analyst and project management resource as required.
Production: As clients identify requirements for implementing processes and technologies, ASI can make recommendations towards existing products and services that can be evaluated and considered for implementation and rapid deployment.
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