The complete solution to take companies from paper document management to digital document management processes

About Archive Systems

Archive Systems provides Document Management services and technologies, integrated and packaged as complete customer solutions. Services include records management consulting, records storage, imaging, and secure destruction. Cloud-based software solutions automate business processes while providing insight through advanced analytics and embedded information governance throughout. Integrated enterprise records management and document management software include: FileBRIDGE Paper, FileBRIDGE Digital, FileBRIDGE for HR, and FileBRIDGE Governance. By uniquely managing all stages of the record lifecycle, Archive Systems is changing the way the world manages documents.

Corporate Mission

Archive Systems is changing the way the world manages documents by delivering state of the art physical records management that is tightly integrated with digital technologies to deliver a bridge to the paperless future.

Our History

We begin our story in 1991 with four men who saw big opportunities from one little box. They started with a 500 square foot warehouse in Fairfield, New Jersey and called their company Archive Systems. Although they realized that storing boxes of documents was an important business, they also recognized there was a growing demand for proper records storage that addressed the security, inventory management and service needs of businesses headquartered in the Northeast.

Our founders also recognized early on that the future was in helping organizations go paperless. In 1997, they developed a state-of-the art document management system called Doculogic (now FileBRIDGE Digital); two years later, they delivered one of the original web-hosted solutions for document management.

With the acquisition of OmniRIM Solutions in November 2010, Archive Systems again changed the game. We became an industry leader by providing the most advanced records management software on the market and offering our clients a full records management solution for each stage of the document lifecycle.

In the more than 20 years that have passed since our company began, we have gone from that initial 500 square foot warehouse, to housing over 4 Million cubic feet in storage space with facilities across the United States and Canada. Our service offerings include: off-site business records storage solutions that feature scanning, Virtual Van delivery, conversion, destruction and reporting services. Our sophisticated records and document management software product, FileBRIDGE, allows our customers to control records in support of compliance, information governance and legal discovery processes.

This complete offering enables organizations to manage all their documents, wherever they reside in the digital and physical worlds, from one source and with one partner. Archive Systems is changing the way the world manages documents now and into the paperless future.

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