Ask yourself this, "If you were audited tomorrow, would you be ready?"

4/18/2014 in Human Resources

We all fear the dreaded audit notification letter, phone call or even a surprise visit from an auditor. Whether it is an ICE (I-9), Sarbanes-Oxley, OFCCP, or an IRS audit, you need to be prepared. Conducting an audit involves a lot of time, people and coordination.  With some of your records in your filing cabinets, some in your HRIS and the rest in other various locations, half the battle is gathering the information you need. And, what if you can’t find it all? If current practices, policies, and procedures are not being followed then it can result in possible fines and litigation.

It is every company’s recurring nightmare.  The policies are in place, and the processes appear to be working, but somehow there is always an exception.  Somehow, when it matters most, the exception comes to light.  It happens in every company, big and small.  Mistakes happen, papers get lost or misfiled, but it only takes one occurrence for things to go bad very quickly.

Every Human Resource (HR) department has a checklist and policies for onboarding new employees.  Some documents are collected long before the offer of employment is made.  On the first day of work, new employees are handed a ream of additional forms and documents to complete.  Throughout an employee’s tenure, more and more HR documents are created and filed.  There is an ever-growing personnel file that rarely comes into play until something bad happens.

To stop the nightmares, you need:

  • An HR Document Management system that ensures the files are complete and up to date while they are being created – not after the fact
  • A system that stays on top of managers with alerts and reminders and escalations to make sure policies are being followed and documents are being collected on a timely basis, so that you know the files are complete before they become a problem
  • A system that eliminates dependence on paper files, and puts the information in a single virtual file that is securely available 7X24 to all the stakeholders without the blizzard of faxes, mail, email and copies, and without duplicate files in multiple departments
  • A system that is integrated with your HRIS and truly evidences and supports the data in the HRIS


For more on being prepared for an audit, check out  our webinar, When the auditors come calling…dealing with THOUSANDS of employee records.

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