Complete document control - One advantage of going paperless in an HR environment

4/17/2014 in Human Resources

At some point in time, someone within a company will request to review or have access to a certain document or set of documents for one employee or several employees. In order to fulfill this request with paper files, an HR staff member still needs to walk down to filing room, locate the files, inspect the file and locate the particular document to share. Walk to the scanner, scan the document, and then email the document to the requestor, then refile the document. Or, maybe make copies and put in the mail, typically overnight. This can happen several times a day, if not more, at multiple locations.  This is not only inefficient, but delays informed decisions by managers or executives, creates unnecessary frustrations for staff and drives up costs.

If an employee transfers, wouldn’t it be easier if everything was digital and was securely stored and could be access by those who need to see it? You should organize your information so it’s easy to find, by those who need to access it, by region, or department, or even down to the document level. Finance could access their documents, accounting could see theirs, a regional manager could see their region, so on and so on.

Granting and providing user’s access, with metadata profiling, and controlled sharing, with rich security features like, encryption and audit trails, should provide piece of mind and confidence that everything is secure and you have one version of the truth.

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