Ask Fred: What is Information Governance and what should my organization be doing about it?

Information Governance is a comprehensive framework comprising traditional records management, data protection, risk management and compliance responsibilities.  These formerly separate disciplines are converging around a centralized macro level approach to strategically manage an organization’s information and data assets around a content driven approach.  Organizations should be proactively dealing with their content as part of their overall governance and risk mitigation programs and have qualified practitioners leading the effort.  An executive level steering committee should be in place comprising senior leaders from RM, IT, Risk, Audit, BCP, Legal and business units as well as other strategic stakeholders.  This steering committee should be developing policy, providing governance, approving IG activities and providing sufficient resources to develop, implement and maintain an ongoing IG program.  Information Governance is garnering a lot of attention right now in the C-Suite, government agencies, and in the professional and vendor communities.  It is no longer a matter of “if” we implement an IG program but “when” do we implement an IG program.
Since IG is a relatively new area (although RM and data management have been around for ages) a lot of folks are just now jumping on the bandwagon. Do some due diligence.  Look for practitioners and vendors who have in depth experience in this space and have been practicing RM and IG for a while.  The IGP – Information Governance Professional designation is a quick way to confirm a professional’s qualification in this area.  Look for vendors who are active in ARMA, AIIM, and other IG related associations and ask them exactly how long they have been deploying IG solutions.
Fred Pulzello, CRM, IGP
Vice President, Information Governance
Archive Systems, Inc.
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