Can HR and IT work together to provide a unified and secure HR environment?


Retaining and recruiting top talent is challenging enough - not to mention managing the confidentiality and audits of employee information. There is a fine line between keeping these sensitive documents confidential and having them readily available to share between business units for making informed decisions and complying with regulation. Many organizations use some form of technology to manage this divide, but how do HR and IT work together to provide a unified and secure HR environment?

The bright side is there are new HR technologies that can work, if done right.  There has been tremendous advancements in the administrative offerings, like payroll and benefits, self service portals are now becoming the norm, talent management has seen tremendous growth and are now critical for every company. Big data and analytics are helping making quicker and informed decisions, and social media combined with mobile applications offers more and better access to everyone, companywide.

With the introduction of this new technology, you must now considered who will evaluate, purchase, train, support, and maintain these systems. Will the systems integrate – what about the paper files?  Will it be hosted on-site or the cloud.

Join us for a 45 minute webinar where we will discuss these things and more, including:                    

  • How and when to involve your IT department 
  • Who’s responsible for what – selection / implementation / integration 
  • Best practices on sharing and providing secure access
  • What a unified HR ecosystem may look like 

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