People, process, and technology - your friends on the path to paperless

3/4/2014 in Records Management

The path to less paper requires a plan of action that demonstrates early successes in order to rev up a flywheel of change that will start the organization moving.  You need a goal that is not too big, and not too small.  It has to be just right.  How do you decide? A combination of people, process, and technology can help you. Let’s look at how each one of these elements can influence your paperless initiative.

People: People are going to make or break your project.  No matter how attractive the ROI or how beneficial the goal, if the people reject the change, your project won’t succeed.  You need leadership from the top to encourage the organization to accept the change, but you also need individual alignment with the people most affected by the changes.  A solid ROI will usually help you gain support from above, but even the folks at the top need to believe there are business benefits beyond ROI in order to provide meaningful support.

Process:  The best process to tackle with a transformative change is one that has a clear path or workflow that you can evaluate and improve.  Well-defined processes are much easier to automate, and therefore you increase the likelihood that you can demonstrate clear advantages to the new approach.   When you are going from paper to paperless, you want to focus on the elements of the process where paper slows things down or gets in the way, and conversely you want to identify the places where people depend upon the paper records to get the job done. 

Technology: This is not a situation where any old technology will do.  You need to put your organization on an adaptive path.  You also need quick wins to build momentum and get the organization moving on the next steps on the path.  So what are the key elements of an adaptive technology solution? You need a technology platform built for your world, the real world, where you live with paper documents at the very same time, and in the same process flow, as your emerging digital solution. 

For more information on Adapative Document Management and a Goldilocks approach to document management, check out Archive Systems’ CEO, Gordon Rapkin’s webinar, “Goldilocks approach to adapting your paper document processes to go digital.”

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