Going Paperless Solutions - Unified vs. Revolutionary

2/28/2014 in Records Management
Let’s compare an unified solution with a revolutionary solution for going paperless.  Many IT-led document management solutions are revolutionary in nature.  Technology vendors don’t really deal with paper, so their solutions tend to assume everything is already digital, or somehow you will just conquer that challenge on your own, and it isn’t their problem.  
In the real world, you are trying to move between a traditional paper-based process and a future state that has less paper.  Your company probably didn’t come into existence yesterday, so at a minimum you have a back-file of paper that represents your operating history, and you need to bridge that information into your future state. There's a need to define a series of meaningful but manageable projects, so you will need to blend existing paper processes with emerging digital processes as you get the flywheel of change going.
You need an “unified” solution, not a revolutionary solution.  You need a technology platform built for your world, the real world, where you live with paper documents at the very same time, and in the same process flow, as your emerging digital solution. 
For more information on Unified Document Management and the Goldilocks approach to document management, check out Archive Systems’ CEO, Gordon Rapkin’s webinar, “Goldilocks approach to adapting your paper document processes to go digital.”

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