Do all companies need an Information Governance Plan or just large corporations?

6/17/2014 in Information Governance

This is akin to asking if an organization needs an accounting department or just a ledger and a checkbook. It’s a matter of scale. Companies have certain obligations to meet in order to do business. There are certain rules of engagement that must be followed. Granted, there are a lot of rules and regulations to be aware of and to follow but ignorance of a law has never been a successful defense. Companies must know the rules of engagement in their lines of business and in the jurisdictions they do business in. It behooves a company to be aware of and understand the recordkeeping requirements of their business just as they must be aware of the accounting and tax requirements.

My view of Records Management 101 is this: the Judge is the ultimate consumer of records management. You produce a record or document when required or you produce evidence of disposition and defend the processes that disposed of that record. In order to successfully defend the process, you must have documented policies, procedures, and activities to prove your actions or a very persuasive narrative of your actions. Information Governance is a framework that identifies the strategic principles of your program, policies and procedures, management accountability, retention program and organization awareness and compliance with these policies. Better to have an Information Governance plan in place and in practice well before you have to defend it in court.

Fred Pulzello
VP of Information Governance at Archive Systems 

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