Top excuses for not going Paperless


Many organizations have an aspirational goal of eliminating paper from their business processes.  Everyone knows that paper introduces ‘operational friction’ into the mix, and it seems like we are all on a never-ending treadmill of creating paper, finding places to store it, struggling to destroy it, and building frustration with a lack of progress to becoming paperless.

Eliminating paper doesn’t mean eliminating the processes that drive or are driven by the paper documents.  It means improving the processes by introducing technology into the mix.  The right technologies will increase efficiency, improve controls, streamline process flow, and reduce risk.  The key is to capture these benefits in the form of an ROI, and use them to drive the initiative to change.

In addition to just shuffling less paper, an effective digital process will introduce efficiencies in the velocity of our business.  Digital documents just move faster, and with an intelligent workflow environment, digital documents can be automatically routed to the right person instantaneously, without a lot of manual intervention. 

So what are the top excuses for not going paperless?

  1. "We don’t have enough time”
  2. “It is too expensive”
  3. "Multiple locations make this project challenging”
  4. “The filing cabinet in my office is more secure than a digital repository”
  5. “We hate change”
  6. “I haven’t seen an application that will work for us”

For more details on each excuse, download our special report, "Shred Your Excuses for not Going Paperless."

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