The multiple location excuse for not going paperless

This is a fairly common excuse because of the perceived coordination required to get everyone going in the same direction.  The irony is that environments with multiple locations usually see the greatest benefit from a paperless solution.  Because of the inherent challenge of managing paper documents and sharing them, companies with multiple locations end up in a cycle of copying or faxing documents, or scanning them and emailing the attachments or even worse, mailing or relying on overnight couriers.  This introduces huge expense and risk of loss.  Holding paper copies of sensitive documents in multiple locations creates security issues, dramatically raises discovery costs and risks in an audit or litigation.
For all these reasons, reinventing a paper-based process across multiple locations will typically generate one of the strongest ROI’s for a paperless initiative.  Look on the positives, and you will quickly eliminate this excuse.  
For more excuses view our webinar, "Shred Your Excuses for not Going Paperless."

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