What's Your Excuse for Not Going Paperless?

4/25/2014 in Records Management
"We don’t have enough time”
This one is a common refrain from anyone that looks at the projects and the evangelizing it will take to introduce organizational change.  Most people are already working hard, and they do not have a lot of spare time to champion another initiative. 
Really?  Look at the statistics.  Investing a bit of time to make progress on eliminating paper will translate into significant, measurable improvements in efficiency, and probably real cost savings.  Okay, maybe you did not plan to do it this year, and you really cannot afford the time right now.  At least you can begin to take steps today to prepare for an initiative in next year’s plan.  Many companies find that simply starting the dialog and beginning to evaluate various paperless initiatives is enough to start the process rolling.
Another alternative may be to outsource some or all of the project.  Engaging with a vendor that knows the ropes and can blend services with technology can move things forward.  One of the time consuming steps is imaging existing documents and classifying them into a meaningful repository.  The right partner can efficiently achieve this step for you, and stand up a new automated system.  Select a vendor/partner that will make it easy for you.
For more excuses view our webinar, "Shred Your Excuses for not Going Paperless."

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