Like every Journey, You must start your Path to Paperless with a Step

6/3/2014 in Records Management

As we move toward a paperless future, many companies continue to produce more and more paper - invoices, orders, contracts, hard copies of emails, lease agreements, meeting notes, not to mention multiple drafts of each one. A paperless future may seem like a long ways away, but there are some concrete steps to start you down the path.

The first step is to determine what you need to keep. That means deciding what is a Document or a Record, and what is just “noise”. While what you need to keep varies greatly by industry, there are a couple of general guidelines to follow.

  • Find out what you are legally obligated to keep. Who would audit you and what documents would they expect you to produce? You don't want your records-cleanup initiative to result in deleting the wrong documents, which could lead to fines (or worse!) for your company.
  • Keep one version or copy of each record. Determine where you will keep the archive of record, or what system will be the system of record.  Pay particular attention to your policy for Emails.  Some companies archive all emails along with attachments, and consider them all records, while some companies specifically declare that emails are not records, and practice a policy or routinely purging and deleting emails.

Once you take the first step, you’ll see how easy it is to proceed down the path to paperless.

For more information check our webinar, Embrace climate change! Change your HR climate and go paperless.

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