HR Trends in 2014 – Not New, but More Important


The big trends in HR aren’t really new, but they do become more important and complicated this year.

Talent acquisition and employee retention will continue to be focal points for HR in 2014. Not to mention healthcare reform, training and development.

However, there are other trends equally important that HR professionals cannot overlook. With more frequent audits and expected changes in federal employment laws, HR compliance and document management isn’t going to get any easier.

Questions to ask:

  • What are the Factors driving change in HR?
  • What are some Compliance challenges?
  • How  do you  align HR goals with corporate goals?
  • What are some of the trends in automated document-based processes?
  • What are some of the other technology trends to follow?

Watch our webinar, HR Trends for 2014 You Must Consider, where we’ll take a look at the themes for HR technology, including what’s new in document automation as well as popular corporate initiatives and how HR can align their goals with them.

What do you think?

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