ARMA 2012…You Came, You Signed, We Thank You


The ARMA International Conference is all wrapped up for another year. There was so much to take in during those few days in Chicago.

Records Manager Bill of Rights

We were overwhelmed by the positive response to our Records Manager Bill of Rights. To quote one  of our booth visitors when reading the Bill of Rights “I just can’t stop smiling,” she Grinner. “This is exactly what I was looking for.” And no, we didn’t pay her to say this!

At Archive Systems this is what we live and breathe and are completely dedicated to living up to this promise so we were incredibly pleased that so many of you agree with what it says too and wanted to give it your “John Hancock.” If you had your photo taken with the Bill of Rights or Ben Franklin himself, check out& Our Bill of Rights page and click on the link to view the gallery. If you didn’t get a chance to sign, go to our Records Manager Bill of Rights Facebook page and sign by “Liking” it.

ICRM reception

We hope everyone who attended the ICRM reception had a great time. We know we did, after all, we “were on a mission from God.”. Be sure to visit our Facebook page where we have a gallery of photos of the event including all the photos we took of attendees with the Blues Brothers.

Big Ray and Chicago’s Most Wanted put on quite a show. This marked the first time the ICRM Reception ever hosted a live band and from the number of people dancing and grooving away it seemed to be a popular addition. 

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