Businesses run on Documents, Documents run on FileBRIDGE


Many organizations are realizing the benefits of automating the on-boarding process of Human Resources. Why not? Digital applications, new hire paperwork, and e-verified I-9s. Sounds like a huge win. And it is, for that part of the process. The issue usually starts right after the new hire paperwork is filled out; how is the applicant going to sign the documents? Uh oh, better print it. Immediately the streamlined process you thought you had solved, just created the one thing you wanted to get rid of. Paper documents!

Okay, what’s a couple of documents between friends, right? Sure, just put them in a small file somewhere. They won’t take up too much space.

If that was the end of the documents employee were required to be filled out during their tenure, the problem wouldn’t even be a problem. But that isn’t the end, is it. What about the performance reviews, succession planning, employee change forms, wage verification forms, termination documents, etc… Oh, you’ve got systems for those processes too? Great. Do they talk to each other? I didn’t think so. How do you know you have the training certificate for that employee that transferred into a new department? Do ANY of your systems have policy and information governance? (The reality is that if your files were all paper, you’d probably be able to answer yes to that last question!)

The Human Capital software market is fractured and as a result, companies are expanding their farm of siloed applications. That’s why businesses rely on FileBRIDGE for HR to become the central repository for all of your Human Capital needs. Robust business tools, easy to find documents, easy to manage security, secure audit rooms, and compliance monitors provide you with the information and confidence you need to focus on strategic business goals, not documents.

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