Introducing FileBRIDGE by Archive Systems

11/1/2013 in General

We are excited to announce a new branding for our technology products!  This new brand reflects the connection we have built between our products and our vision going forward.

FileBRIDGE is the complete solution to manage all of your documents – paper and digital. It delivers the document management platform to automate your processes.  It provides the metrics to track and measure your progress, and has governance embedded throughout, so while you automate your processes your business is protected.

FileBRIDGE is an integrated solution composed of three core components, each of which plays an important role in the lifecycle of documents.  You choose the components and set the pace to advance your document program. The new name is extended into our product offerings as follows:

FileBRIDGE Paper – is the new name for Virtual Records Center (VRC), which actively manages your paper documents as you bridge to digital.

FileBRIDGE Digital – is the new name for Virtual File Room (VFR), which automates document orientated business processes that result in corporate records.

FileBRIDGE Governance – is the new name for OmniRIM Records Center, which enforces compliance with policy controlling your paper and digital documents.

And when FileBRIDGE is integrated with our Paper Records Storage and Services you have a complete platform to save money, reduce risk, and gain complete control.

Some solutions manage your paper documents. Some manage your digital documents. FileBRIDGE manages them all.

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