How Do You Use Technology to Enhance Records Management?


Technology is the foundation for process improvement and increased accuracy and efficiency in most organizations today. Document management is one area in which the use of technology is quickly becoming a requirement. It is used in areas such as indexing, scanning documents, providing access to virtual documents, and more. Unless it is a part of a company's core business, implementing a document management solution that takes advantage of technology should be outsourced. For example, many organizations set up prep and scan onsite without understanding all the costs involved.

But a document management company should provide much more than just secure business records storagedocument shredding, and offsite data storage. It must also offer the latest technology to ensure that a company can gain instant access to business-critical information. This includes enabling clients to utilize the Web to securely view inventory, create reports and handle ordering.

Utilizing Virtual File Delivery

Virtual file delivery or scan-on-demand is a service that is becoming more readily available. Even if you are not using it today, a scan-on-demand solution should be required of the vendor managing your documents. It is important though that scan-on-demand doesn't simply involve the emailing of documents. Email isn't always secure and leads to overburdened mail exchange servers. Instead, the files should be made available using a secure Web browser in a hosted environment. You can then access images at any time from any authorized Internet connection.

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