56% Say "Fear of Change" Prevents Paperless Initiatives from Moving Forward


Fairfield, NJ (July 27, 2010) - Archive Systems, a leading provider of document management services, today announced the results of a recent poll uncovering the key obstacle managers face when trying to implement paperless initiatives. Fear of changing to a paperless solution within the company was selected by 56% of respondents. 32% of respondents ran into the roadblock of gaining the necessary funding for the project.

"As companies place more emphasis on streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies through technology, it's pretty surprising to learn the significant role fear still plays in preventing paperless initiatives from moving forward. Demonstrating how this type of project can result in a significant ROI with the right service provider is one way to overcome this resistance, It's also important to identify which departments have the greatest need and are most willing to utilize new technology in order to break through the fear barrier," said Paul Giardina, CMO of Archive Systems.

Another survey question examined why companies want to go paperless. 32% of respondents want to ensure that they can find the information they need when they need it. 25% want to reduce the risk of loss or damage to vital records. 25% want to reduce the costs associated with paper-intensive processes. The remaining respondents want to improve productivity.

To keep an ear to the marketplace and to better understand challenges people are facing with their records and document management, Archive Systems will be posting a Poll of the Week on the company's home page at www.archivesystems.com to gain more insight into records management initiatives. "We encourage anyone to visit our site and respond to the poll question each week. They'll also be able to view the results to see how their responses compare to others in the field," added Giardina.

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