Bad Chinese Food and Records Management


Did you ever open the refrigerator door and get hit in the face with a smell that you can’t describe? That’s nature’s way of telling you the Chinese food you ate 3 weeks ago is past its retention period. Don’t you wish that your records did the same thing? You retrieve a file from storage, open it and ‘Wham!’ the sour smell of milk hits you in the face. While this would definitely make identifying records past their life much easier, it isn’t practical, plus no one would want to work in the file room.

So how do you stay up-to-date with records to make sure your company isn’t exposed to unnecessary liability and legal discovery? By being diligent. Diligent about creating record retention policies, being diligent about applying the policies to your collection and being diligent about reviewing items in your collection for destruction. Seems like a lot of work, right? If you can’t, won’t or don’t know enough about retention then make sure you have a partner in your records management company. They should give you the tools and knowledge to make appropriate and accurate decisions about the life of your business records storage collection. If they don’t, just pack some Chinese food in with your files.

Randall Sanders
Senior Manager of Client Support
Archive Systems, Inc.
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