Going back to school for records managers


It doesn't matter what store you walk into these days, you're bound to come across a 'back to school' sale. Parents are taking their kids to buy supplies, such as notebooks, pens, and erasers. The younger kids are buying folders decked out with pictures of their favorite super heroes while older kids are deciding between Team Edward or Team Jacob. They will be prepared for the first day of school. On the other hand, there are those who are still pretending there are several weeks left of summer and will be scrambling to find the items they need after school starts. These varying degrees of preparedness provide a good lesson for records managers too.

There are some records managers that are like those students who refuse to believe summer is coming to an end. They pack up boxes for storage, believing that no one will need to access the information. They only need to hold it for a certain time period and then it's off to the shredder. But then one day, someone may request a file and the records manager is left scrambling trying to figure out how to find the information. It's going to cost a lot to pull all the boxes to uncover that lost file. If only they indexed everything prior to shipping the box off to storage!

If you're using business records storage and records management services, it's best to act like those kids who come to school on the first day with their notebooks out, pen in hand, ready to begin. Do you have another records management analogy? Feel free to share on our blog.

Craig Abramson
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