When is a box more than just a box for business records storage?


Is a box just a box when it comes to business records storage? Can you just go to an office supply store to pick up a box, place your records inside, and send it off for storage? Sure you can. But should you? The last thing you need is to work hard on indexing your information and then having the storage box fall apart. Then there's the added expense for replacing it and re-boxing the files.

At Archive Systems, we don't want our clients to worry about their boxes. That's why we offer very durable ones with lifetime guarantees while they are stored in our facilities. If for some reason they need to be replaced, we do it for free and there are no re-boxing fees. And that's one less worry for the records manager.

Now imagine if this policy applied to other purchases. Just think...a lifetime guarantee on your laptop. It will never become obsolete. Or a lifetime guarantee on your car. You'll never have to worry about the car breaking down as soon as it's a mile over the warranty. Or a lifetime guarantee on your appliances... everything would be so much better with Archive Systems' box policy!

Feel free to provide your own example. We'd like to hear from you.

Craig Abramson
Online Marketing Manager
Archive Systems, Inc.
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