What do blogs and texts have to do with business records storage?


Blogs, love letters, resumes, texts, short stories and novels. All were written to cause an emotion, invoke a feeling or to inform. Either way, it is important to write in a way that leaves no ambiguity, leaves nothing to interpretation or further explanation. For centuries man has struggled with this very issue. For example, take the phrase ‘Iamnowhere.’ How do you read that? ‘I am now here’ or ‘I am nowhere’? It is this type of writing that people spend their lives trying to decode and study.

The same holds true for records management and offsite business records storage. If you are indexing your files in a way that needs a life time of decoding or studying, then you haven’t properly done your job. It might make sense to you and possibly your predecessor, but after that it could take months, years or lifetimes to find anything. Additionally, your offsite vendor can become more effective locating the proper files you need. Clean and concise is the proper, and only, way. We have become a society of shorthand, abbreviations and emoticons, chats and IM’s. If your files are valuable enough to store, then they’re valuable enough to index. Now, excuse me while I finish my short story.

Randall Sanders
Product Manager
Archive Systems, Inc.
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