What do Tiffany & Co and Records Management have in common?


With the holidays looming over us guys, the stress begins to build to find the perfect gift. Like most husbands, I have selective hearing, wife deafness and/or I just don’t pick up on hints dropped throughout the year (or don’t remember!). There is, of course, the ultimate ‘go-to’ gift; The Blue Box. A box?! Yup. As if you didn’t know, Tiffany & Co. has branded a box as a symbol of sophisticated, quality premier jewelry. If Tiffany can treat a box with such importance, why can’t the records management industry?

Our most important, and often vital, records get put into boxes that we don’t think twice about. “I’ll just use the left over paper boxes.” “Run to Staples and pickup up some boxes. No, the cheapest ones will do.” What happens next? You ship the boxes offsite and you received your bill. “Reboxing fees?!? What is that for? Those boxes were perfect!” Of course, those boxes aren’t perfect and often don’t last the truck ride back to the record center. Purchase them from your offsite vendor and get rid of those reboxing fees forever. While I can’t afford to box my files in all Blue Boxes, my wife might just be getting the ‘go-to’ gift this year, chocolate.

*This blog does not promise or imply that my wife will be getting something from Tiffany’s this year.

Randall Sanders
Product Manager
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