My RIM Score is a 77, what’s yours?


You didn’t even know there was a test, right? Well, what if there was? What if the test was the effectiveness of your records management program? Is there a way to calculate it? What would you measure? Certainly policy and compliance, right? How about economics, are you driving down costs?

What about being green or eco-friendly? Earth day is fast approaching and everyone seems to get a little more buzz talking about the future paperless world. Unfortunately, it seems like technology has enabled us to create paper at a faster pace so it’s even more important to have a good handle on your records management program. So, once you have figured out what you’re going to measure, now you have to gather all the data. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

And wait, and wait, and wait… Are you finished or did you give up?

What was your score? Can’t figure it out? That’s okay, most people can’t either. Start thinking about what your RIM Score would be because sooner or later there will actually be a test.

Randall Sanders
Product Manager
Archive Systems, Inc.

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