Who Turned on the Light


It is relatively new to the mainstream but records management has been around a long time. It seems like suddenly there's now a big emphasis and even a spotlight shining toward the records management industry; even companies like Microsoft and HP have an interest.

But does that mean you are getting what you need from your record management provider? Probably not. Are you getting daily statistics about your collection and the health of your records management program? Are you able to monitor daily activity or do you just react when the invoice comes every month? Do you get the feeling its ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme... But don’t call us, we’ll call you?’ Have you found a partner that actually wants to lower your costs while still providing excellent customer service?

With today’s instant communication and a greater number of ‘records’ being classified, isn’t time you partnered with someone who can proactively give you what you need and be agile enough to react to additional requirements? Maybe it’s just me but if you aren’t getting what you need, save some energy and turn off the lights.

Randall Sanders
Product Manager
Archive Systems, Inc.

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