A look back at Archive Systems' First Annual User Conference


You never forget your first. That is true for many things and certainly our first User Conference will be one to remember. From the initial planning beginning in December 2010 to the execution of the event in April 2011, there were many people involved to make it the success that, I think by all accounts, the conference can be deemed. The bar has been set high.

As the first event since the acquisition of OmniRIM last fall, this was the bringing together of clients from the different Archive Systems product groups: Business Records Storage, AP, FileBRIDGE Digital and OmniRIM. Trying to put together a program that would be relevant and compelling to all these different user groups was certainly a challenge – first we had to understand their needs, pain points and just overall what would drive them to take time away from their busy schedules and fly across the country to listen to what we had to say.

No easy task but from the reviews and feedback it looks like the overall response is very positive. It is incredibly gratifying to see all of your hard work come to fruition and goals set out to achieve exceeded. It is even more thrilling to see the little things that you hadn’t anticipated – the effect of a personal connection between people that can’t be reached through emails and phone calls or even web meetings. The energy throughout the conference was so high with the excitement all the attendees had about the connections they were making and the opportunities for growth that would come of it. That’s what it is really about.

Heidi Dorman
Marketing Manager
Archive Systems, Inc.

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